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Farage has said that we should move to a private insurance based system of healthcare.

He also said that workers’ rights cause too many problems for businesses.

Maybe that's why he's not released a manifesto. What is the Brexit Party hiding?

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The Brexit Party are pushing a ‘No Deal’ Brexit because they want a free pass to sell off our NHS and water down workers’ rights.

This right-wing ideology ruined the North East in the 1980s.

No Deal would be like Thatcherism on steroids.

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Crime's up 83% in Stockton South, but the Tories have cut 500 officers and 50 PCSOs from @ClevelandPolice.

I'll keep fighting for better funding and more police officers for all of the people and communities I represent in Parliament. @stuartwhincup @Cleveland_PCC @MikeBrownGaz

The Government's cut £85m from public health budgets this year alone.

Yesterday in Parliament, Tory MP after Tory MP got up to speak, but they didn't even seem to know what 'public health' actually means!

'We need more officers': MP warns as Teesside crime crisis deepens | @TeessideLive

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