Dr Paul Williams MP - Representing all of the people of Stockton South

My latest leaflet, starting to land on doormats in Stockton South this week.

In 2017, I only beat the Tories by 888 votes. This time could be even closer.

Are you able to help me out by delivering a few in your area?


Local postal workers tell me that promises made to them aren't being kept. I stand in solidarity with them.

I hope this brings Royal Mail back to the table and that they'll now listen to what our hardworking posties are telling them. #WeRiseAgain @cwunortheast

Trans Pyrenees Race. Started 7 hrs late (Steve’s bike damaged in transit). Reached 1/2 way point in 49th position after an epic 29 hr day. Then @labourwhips pulled me back to London so I’m at the back again! Riding again tonight. Follow https://t.co/4cnZI05yXZ #TPRno1. Cap 113b

There's an election coming and my campaign will be funded by people like you. I'm asking for whatever you can chip in.

In Stockton South, I only beat the Tories by 888 votes in 2017.

Every penny will go towards fighting for a fairer, more equal society. https://t.co/NThj8RPGJW

All ready to start the first Trans Pyrenees 1500km+ cycle race across the Pyrenees tomorrow #TPRno1 #TPRno1riders

I’ll need to rush back to @UKParliament on Monday morning and then get back to the race as soon as I can in time to finish before cut-off on Friday


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