Dr Paul Williams MP - Representing all of the people of Stockton South

If MPs work together cross-party, we'll be able to turn our country into the best in the world for a child to be born into.

I spoke in response to the @CommonsSTC report on early-years intervention yesterday @normanlamb

I'm backing @votesat16 in Parliament today! 🗳️

At 16, you're old enough to get a job, to contribute and play a role in your community so you should have the right to vote too. #votesat16

Hundreds of thousands of people are going to march through the capital on Saturday for a @peoplesvote_uk.

And it's quite simple - all the PM needs to do to break the deadlock is put her deal back to the people. That's what @peterkyle and @MPphilwilson's amendment will do.

Watch me LIVE right now on Sky talking Brexit and the PM’s divisive speech from last night.

Link here ⏩ https://t.co/qULO9xayhY


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