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In our movement, we've seen too many instances like this and we need to get rid of this anti-Jewish hatred from our party.

I reported this to The Labour Party earlier this afternoon. One antisemite in the Labour Party is one antisemite too many.


I’m with @commonshealth at a drug consumption room in Frankfurt today learning about how safe injecting spaces save lives. 200,000 drug episodes a year and ZERO deaths in >20 years


As members of the Tribune Group of MPs we are shocked at the accounts in recent days from former members of Labour Party about the handling of antisemitism complaints and also how individual employees have been treated.

Full statement here: https://t.co/Pw4lfeNcsj

In January @MattHancock hailed the sugar tax (which takes sugar out of diet), but now he’s hedging his bets in evidence to @CommonsHealth. Is the politics of the Tory leadership contest dictating policy?

Social care. @MattHancock blames failure of Govt Social Care Green Paper to emerge on lack of cross party collaboration. He has conveniently forgotten that 90 cross-party MPs made the offer last year to work on this https://t.co/b6kzKpWnXL


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